Shortening links from Pyramida PRO

Link shortening is a pretty useful tool in terms of keeping track of your advertising campaigns. Modern marketing is already difficult to imagine without the active participation of various advertising platforms in it and the involvement of freelancers to complete tasks. In such cases, a clear analysis and statistics are always needed, which will make it possible to rationally assess the level of development of a particular development strategy. You can control the development strategy using a short link, which will count the number of all visitors, their sources, the user's device, as well as many other useful data. Everyone knows the link shortening service, it was used by a very large number of companies and businessmen who needed to keep records of statistics of marketing companies, but unfortunately this service was closed at the initiative of the corporation. There are still a very large number of users who need a good alternative to, for this you can use our site, which has even more functions for keeping statistics of short links. Another significant plus is that our site is completely free. Any user can shorten the link for free and in any quantity. But that's not all, in addition you can earn points from shortening links, which you can use to advertise your site. Sounds pretty attractive though. You understood us absolutely correctly, you can get on our website not only the ability to shorten links and get statistics on them, but also get free advertising. If you still have doubts about this, then just try our tools for promoting your business for free.

Published on: 12/3/21, 4:14 AM